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how to build Villa Minimalist Design House

Home Design Minimalist Villa - The word "villa" is a word derived from the English language meaning beautiful home outside the city. Generally Villa is a house or a building located on a mountain slope that tends not a permanent residence, but only used as a temporary residence for vacationing owners or can be rented out to visitors.

Villa Minimalist Design House;

House design villa diverse tastes depending to the owner. Have Villa itself is a dream for some people. Because in general the building Villa is in the form of a nice building. So it's not just any villa building that resembles an ordinary house. Because Villa mostly located in mountainous areas, the design of the villa must be able to utilize the natural energy that is in arround (it; ex chi power in chinese book) For example sunlight is needed for warmth in the mountains due to the cold climate. So building these villas should have wide openings to be able to utilize solar light well and of course with wide openings that do not interfere with the privacy of its inhabitants. Wide openings intended for spaces that have public and semi-public nature, such as living room, dining room, balcony and lounge / family.

Building villa many uses of wood materials combined with tubular steel structure. This was done in order to impress the villa building is warm and elegant, but still showed a sturdy building. Structural steel pipe itself in addition to functioning as the support of the building, it also serves as an aesthetic. Because the author wants to make a building villas that have the concept of an open or sttruktur steel structures exposed.

Then the building was made stilts or floating above the ground. This was done so as not to damage the soil conditions in many areas. Because the concept stage, would not have much of the land cut and fill. All was done to preserve nature and maintain the concept of Green Architecture.

Sabtu, 09 Februari 2013

Here are some tips on how to design your home

If you have decided to build a house, the most important step after finding the land is residential design your future. certainly not easy so it requires careful planning to create a design that reflects the tastes as well as suit the needs and budget. Here are 10 tips to help you.

1. Determine the type of your home. First you must determine the type of house that will be built, because the design of the house is very diverse. If you have found a design you want, make a list of priorities you need. Maybe not all of the criteria could be implemented, but at least you get to choose which is the most ideal as you wish. Suppose you wanted a type of small, medium, large, villa, or even boarding house for investment.

2. Create a list of criteria required. Start with the most important, the number of rooms, bathrooms, living room, dining room arrangement, patio, up to the size of your garage.
Upon completion of this primary list, continue planning for the room. You can make a list of the most important tools. For example, kitchen sets, audio sets, internet and telephone connections, and so on.

3. Check the First Rule Locally
In some locations local regulations can greatly affect the overall design of your home. Of course, knowledge of these laws can avoid any problems later on.

Design 4.Cari matching your bag ;)
After completing the list of criteria, compare and adjust the budget. It is difficult, especially for new build homes for pertamakali.Jangan allocating too much money for a home, remember you also need furniture for your home. Should discuss with our home design that is suitable for your budget.

5. Customize with your land
Remember to always match the design of your house with land characteristics. It is useful for the planning of the building and garden arrangement, as each field is unique.

6. Optimize Efficiency Room
When creating a plan drawing room, consider the following:

    Create direct access from the garage to the kitchen
    Place the air conditioning or heating in the middle of the room, to balance the temperature of your home
    Bedrooms main sebaiknya'tersembunyi 'for reasons of privacy and reduce noise
    Make sure the width of the door, across the room, and the stairs are enough to get furniture

7. Development Plan for the Future
If you can not afford to build your dream home a whole now, in order to carry out the development plan in the future is not only possible but also easy to do. You can do the construction in stages and prioritize the most important parts of the house. For example you can build a house with the type smarthouse (lt 1 first). Then you can do a 2 lt upgrade development in the future.

8. Design Your Home Interior Design. You can do this using paper or home design software. Consider also how the lighting, the color of the walls and floors in your home. Besides the usual activities you do at home will have an effect on the planning layout furniture, living room, and dining room.

9. Do not Let the Sun Light Paltry Entering Your Home. This is determined your house facing direction. Place the window to get a lot of natural lighting to allow for energy savings. And if you like the sunrise or sunset, you can design a special place for you to enjoy :)

10. All Sides Beautify Your Home. Remember that the placement of windows and doors affect the appearance inside and outside your home. Whether you live in a corner or in the middle of the housing, the display side of your house will be obvious. Make a plan view outside and inside your home, for example by adjusting the landscape (garden, flower) and the architecture (eg extra decorations on the porch) so you can proudly show your home to visitors.

Kamis, 07 Februari 2013

Here we provide tips for building a house with low cost

Make sure you have a Budget. It is important to sort out the selection of building materials

Create a symmetric space concept in order to save the placement of foundation, column, beam structure. It definitely helps, especially if you are terraced houses.

Do not use too many partition walls and indentation curve unnecessary. This saves on the brick wall / partition that will be used

Use decorative building materials that need to be (avoid the use of natural stone and toys that are considered to make wasteful). You can add these toys and ornaments in the future, if your budget is sufficient.

The roof can be fixed using a lightweight steel frame in addition to wood. This is because the cost of lightweight steel frame can now be cheaper than wood. The gable roof is cheaper than a shield. If you do not mind, can think about the use of rolled steel frame C only with non-asbestos roofing asbestos, galvalum or PVC roofs are not noisy, which is much cheaper than the use of lightweight steel frame roof with tiles.

Use paint and color combinations so it is quite interesting, and does not seem cheap. Exterior paint should still be used, because it ensures the durability of the color on the outside wall. For the walls, just use interior paint standard.

The selection of ceramics, quite ordinary ceramic 30 × 30 or 40 × 40 if your budget is sufficient. Wear appropriate color selection course. Pair with the wall color.

For the frame, use aluminum frames. This is because the cost is almost the same even relatively lighter than wood frame bengkirai / camphor. Do not use regular wood frames, wood frames our sense of common grade III, does not last long especially if you are staying home termite region.